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Autumn 2012

The show season continued to be very successful for all the riders from NEC, in June we headed to the Huntingford Gold show and  had a fantastic day! Emma and Revelation were First Level Champions and Christina and Reach for Broadway were AA Second Level Champions! Then it was off to The Friends of The Park Gold Show where Addie and Callisto were JR Training Level Reserve Champions with scores up to 66%, Christina and Hope won their third level class with a 64.6% and were AA Second Level Reserve Champions and Emma and Revelation were JR First Level Champions!! Rhonda and Dom had some great rides and awesome scores, we were also very happy Meg and Tempo were able to compete again and had some lovely tests! Allie M and Beau also rode their first third level test and Allie rode a lovely second level test on Dom on Sunday! Dee aka Don Dior also made the trip to the Friends of the Park Show for the experience and handled the whole experience like the fabulous show horse we know that she will be!

We finished off the year with a great weekend at Ontario Championships! Addie and Callisto were within .04% of the Reserve, Emma and Chocolate rode super tests in the first level jr division and Christina and Hope rode lovely tests in the CH second division aswell as placing first and second in the National third level classes! Marilyn Anions and Autumn Gold were also showing that weekend at Spiritwood and came home with great scores! Marilyn also rode at Preston Rosedale Schooling in September and came home Reserve Champion in the Training Division!

At the Silver Dressage Championships, our tireless and awesome staff member Leah Levert was AA Reserve Champion at Training Level with her lovely mare, Belle.

With the horse shows being over, all the horses are enjoying a bit of a break and the riders are looking forward to working on some new things in their training. We are also doing some work to our indoor arena this fall and hope to have a clinic organized later in the fall.

In other news, Beaujolais is offered for sale, he is a wonderful horse for a JR or AA, very confirmed second level and schooling third. We also have a super mare available for some lessons or part board, perfect for rider level preparation and coaching level preparation, please contact Aliy for more information on either of these horses.